Snoop Dogg Narrating a Squirrel and Snake Fight Is the Best Thing You'll Watch Today

This needs to become a regular thing.

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Sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at the wonders of the Internet and today is one of those days. Insert Planet Snoop, a new web series where Snoop Dogg narrates various videos of animals doing hilarious stuff that is made even funnier with Snoop's commentary. This whole series came about after a petition was signed by thousands of people to have Snoop narrate a season of Planet Earth. Though this isn't exactly that, it's close enough and we're not complaining.

In the first episode, Snoop is literally breaking down a fight between a squirrel and a snake and it might be one of the best things we've seen all week. The best part is that Snoop is having so much fun with it that all of the jokes come off natural and not forced. We can only hope every episode lives up to this standard going forward. Of course, you can always revisit this awesome video of Snoop narrating a polar bear and walrus fight, which basically sparked this whole phenomenon. 

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