We've gotta give props to Jimmy Kimmel and his crew at Jimmy Kimmel Live! The show debuted back in 2003, but last year, it really reached its pop culture zenith, thanks to some of their great viral videos. First, there was the classic Coachella Lie Witness News video, then there was the worst twerking fail ever (which was actually fake), and of course, the infamous Kanye West interview parody and subsequent fallout. Plus, let's not forget the great Celebrities Read Mean Tweets series. 

What we really love about Kimmel is that he's also able to incorporate hip-hop into his show rather seamlessly (Kanye notwithstanding), like last week when he had Wiz Khalifa play "Dem Boyz or Not Dem Boyz."  But there's another great series he started back in July; Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg. The premise is simple: Snoop Dogg narrates a nature video with his typically hilarious commentary. There were a few installments before this one (peep them below) but we'd say the walrus clip is the funniest one yet. This is exactly why we love Uncle Snoop.