A Reddit User May Have Recorded Kanye West's Entire New Album

Of course, the quality is not good.

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One way or another, the internet always seems to find a way to leak new music. And somehow Kanye West's long-awaited new album, SWISH, may have just found its way online. On a Reddit thread that just went up an hour ago, a user claims that he recorded 'Ye's entire new album from outside of a building and though the recording is pretty horrible quality, it could just be the real thing.  

You can hear bits and pieces of songs and thanks to some crafty internet users, it looks like the album includes the long-rumored song, "Piss On Your Grave," with Paul McCartney, as well as a collaboration with Bruno Mars. The full possible tracklist from a user that went through the recording can be seen below. Kanye has been known to throw random listening sessions for his albums before they actually drop, so that could explain where the recording came from if it is indeed real. Not much is currently known about SWISH, but lately there have been rumors swirling that the album could possibly drop on Apple Music and that Kanye was still negotiating terms of the deal. 

There's a whole lot to digest with this, so we'll continue to update as we process everything, but you can check out the Reddit thread for yourself here

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