Pusha T Explains How "Drug Dealers Anonymous" With Jay Z Came Together

Pusha T breaks down how "Drug Dealers Anonymous" with Jay Z came about.

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On Tuesday night, Pusha T unleashed his new single, "Drug Dealers Anonymous," which featured a lengthy verse from Jay Z who revisited his dealing past. The song quickly became a fan favorite and quite refreshing since Jay Z verses are few and far between in 2016. While we already know this is the first single from Pusha T's upcoming album, King Push, the former Clipse member recently spoke to Genius about how the new record with Hov came together and what they were looking to get out of it. "I was coming to Los Angeles to work on G.O.O.D. Music album and play Kanye some new things I’d been working on," Pusha said. "I played him ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’ and I said, ‘I want Hov on this.’ He was like, ‘Oh man. That would be fire.’”

During the interview, Pusha also broke down the email chain he had with Jay while they were coming up with the concept for the song and confirmed that Tomi Lahren was the motivation behind it. "Oh this is going to be bad. Oh this is going to be real, real bad. I’ll just blame it all on you," Pusha recalled Jay typing back to him. Well, it certainly wasn't bad, Jay, though we know what you meant. 

Pusha T mentioning the G.O.O.D. Music album in the quote above comes at an interesting time, especially since Big Sean and Kanye West were just in the studio together working on new music Tuesday night. Fonzworth Bentley ended up tagging one of the studio photos with Cruel Winter, which indicates the group album might once again be a thing. Will it actually happen, though? Only time will tell. You can read Pusha's full interview here, and listen to "Drug Dealers Anonymous" now

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