Offset of Migos Opens Up About His Time in Jail

He says that he's focused on being more careful now that he's out.

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As you probably noticed, Migos have been in full grind mode since Offset was released from jail back in December. The group just dropped a new mixtape yesterday, and are about to finally go on a nationwide tour next month. With the legal troubles behind him for now, Offset recently talked with Fader about his time behind bars and his plan to stay out of jail going forward. "It felt like I was taking a step back because I'm not in the streets no more," he said. "I was doing the right thing, helping my family, and supporting my family with the music, and for me to go back to jail, I was in there thinking like, 'Damn, what did I do?'”

Throughout the interview, Offset discussed how he dealt with jail, and shared that though he was locked up, he was still able to communicate with the other Migos members, Quavo and Takeoff, on a regular basis. "When I talk to them, I'd be happy, but when I get off the phone I have to sit down in the room and think about what they're probably doing during the time," Offset said. "I guess sometimes it got to me. It was bittersweet." On his actual case, Offset said that he ended up taking the plea deal, even though he thought he would win his case. "I can't do nothing when I'm in jail, so I had to take the punch" he said. "Whatever I had to do to get free I was willing to do it, so I did what I felt like that was the best for me. And I'm out now. It was a kind of hard decision to make, but I took the first way out."

Now that he is out, Offset is fully focused on the future and staying out of trouble. "I'm changing the way that I move around, so there ain't gonna be no chance for me to get slipped up again, 'cause I ain’t gonna have nothing on me to make me slip," he said. You can read the full interview here, and stream and download Migos' new mixtape here

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