Why Did Meek Mill Remove His Drake Diss, "Wanna Know," From Soundcloud?

He also hasn't tweeted since Drake's "Twitter Fingers" line.

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The Drake and Meek Mill "beef" is probably over.

Days have passed, and other than a few shots from each party on stage at their respective shows, nothing is really happening. Meek hasn't tweeted since Drake's "Twitter fingers" line in "Back to Back" and Drake hasn't answered questions about the ghostwriter claims against him. It's currently a statlemate, and while Drake's diss is actually climbing the charts, Meek actually took his diss track towards Drake off of Soundcloud last night.

Why could this be? Does Meek just want to move on, and rather celebrate the fact that he gets to date Nicki Minaj? Was the public backlash to the song too much for him? All of those are possible, but the most likely reason is that it has something to do with the WWE and the use of The Undertaker's theme music during the intro of the track. When the song dropped, the WWE released a statement saying that they take their intellectual property rights very seriously, and thus probably threatened to drop the hammer for the sample.

According to a screenshot of a comment by Meek posted by DJ Akademiks​, Meek said that's he's basically moving on from this situation and no longer entertaining the beef with Drake anymore. This would also explain why the song was deleted off of SoundCloud. Meek since deleted the comment, but you can view it below. 

So yeah, this is all probably over before it even really got started. Now we just have to see how long it takes Meek to tweet again.  

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