Mathew Knowles Is Still Trying To Stay Relevant

Just fade away, man.

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Mathew Knowles apparently released a new book today, in which he breaks down how to become successful in any professional field. Possible spoiler: Have a child as talented and great as Beyoncé?

Anyway, he appeared on The Breakfast Club recently to talk about the book, Queen Bey, Destiny's Child, and the music industry in general, though he sort of didn't speak about anything in-depth. The conversation dragged from Knowles going through various stories of his past, while he avoided details on anything interesting, and rather just plugged his book with vague fake deep quotes about making sure you're always passionate about your craft.

When asked about a possible Destiny's Child reunion, Knowles balked at the question and said that it will happen at some point. However, it came across as if he didn't really know either way, which is strange because he recently said that he still manages the group. He also talked about when he first met Jay Z, and said that he didn't look at him as a rapper, but someone who was just in love with his daughter. Knowles said that he thought the infamous elevator incident was just more Jedi mind tricks, which is the same thing he said about the Jay and Beyoncé divorce rumors. 

The most entertaining part of the interview came around the 30-minute mark when Knowles said that Charlamagne was the insecure one on the show, which didn't go over very well. Knowles' book is available right now through Amazon

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