Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Drop Powerful Video for "Drug Dealer" With Ariana DeBoo

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis get deep on their new song, "Drug Dealer."

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Though Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dropped a new album earlier this year, the Seattle duo return on Tuesday with the release of their new track, "Drug Dealer," featuring Ariana DeBoo. Macklemore gets very personal on the track, as he raps about the dangers of drugs, and specifically prescription drugs such as Oxycontin and cough syrup. On the hook, Ariana DeBoo sings, "My drug dealer was a doctor, doctor, had the plug from big pharma, pharma, he said that he could heal me, but it only gave me problems, problems."

The video captures the powerful narrative behind the record as Macklemore lays in his bed sweating and pouring his heart out over his struggles with addiction.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Macklemore has openly talked about the dangers of prescription drugs, as he dove heavy into it in his 2010 track, "Otherside." The release of the track comes right before Macklemore's discussion about opioid addiction with President Barack Obama is set to air on MTV later tonight. You can listen to the powerful song below, and catch the moving documentary tonight on MTV.

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