Machine Gun Kelly Had a Pretty Crazy Encounter With Chet Haze Recently

MGK also talks about Riley Curry and other timely news.

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Tom Hanks' wannabe rapper son Chet Haze has been all over the news recently for his open use of "N" word and blatant disregard for anyone questioning his actions. Machine Gun Kelly shared a pretty crazy story about Chet in an interview with  Complex TV, recently where he talked about a night at the club where his crew was approached by Chet, who gave them $500 to get the mic so he could spit a freestyle. MGK says Chet tried to get his money back after they all left and when they refused, he tried to snatch MGK's boy out of the car. He failed miserably. So, while everyone has been questioning Chet Haze's sanity in recent weeks, it appears that he's somehow even crazier outside the public eye.

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