Here's the Most Awkward Interview With Justin Bieber... Ever

So strange.

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The press run for Justin Bieber's upcoming album, Purpose, has been pretty standard—minus #Peengate—but that all changed earlier today with one very strange interview on a Spanish radio station. The interview lasted just over eight minutes, and ended with Justin awkwardly getting up from his seat and walking off of the set with no explanation while the hosts screamed his name. The lead up to Bieber's sudden departure was pretty brutal, with the hosts asking an onslaught of obvious questions like, "Do you drink," and "Are you sorry for being famous," to which Bieber answered with a super confused look on his face. 

One portion of the interview was especially tough to watch. The hosts carried on a full conversation in Spanish while basically ignoring Bieber as he sat there looking pissed and confused. This also came right before he walked off the set, so it all kind of makes sense. Bieber spent the rest of his day showing off the tracklist for his Purpose album with pieces of art from around the world, and we can't really blame him for that. 

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