Justin Bieber on His New Album: "I Feel Like I Found My Purpose Again"

The album drops on Nov. 13.

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Justin Bieber is in full promo mode for his upcoming album, Purpose, which officially drops on Nov. 13. During a recent trip overseas, Bieber stopped by BBC Radio 1 for an interview with Nick Grimshaw​, where they talked about the direction of the album and much more. "The reason why I named it Purpose, is because, for awhile there, I felt like I lost my purpose, and I feel like I found it again," Bieber said.

He also said that one of the biggest changes in his career came when he was able to have more of a say in the type of music he makes, unlike before when he basically had people giving him songs to record. He likened the transition to that of Justin Timberlake when he went from a certain sound with N*Sync to the kind of music he made as a solo artist, and notably on FutureSex/LoveSounds. Bieber has yet to release the full tracklist for the upcoming album, but we already know that it features guest appearances from Nas​, Big SeanAriana Grande, and more. The project is available to pre-order on iTunes now

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