Justin Bieber Reveals the Album Cover for 'Purpose'

The album arrives next month.

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Image via Complex Original

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Justin Bieber's long-awaited new album, Purpose, finally arrives next month, and for the official rollout of the cover for the project, Bieber is piecing together the art via his Instagram. The cover art was done by the street artist, Retna, and features his own calligraphy language, which you will be able to see on Bieber's cover, where it will spell out Purpose. The hype for Bieber's album is as high as ever right now, with his single, "What Do You Mean," pushing forward as one of the biggest songs of the year. 

Head over to Justin's Instagram page here to see the rollout for the cover, and then check back for the final art once it's all up. Also, be sure to check out Bieber's recent "Deep End" cover story with Complex, where he talked about the album, his life, and so much more. 

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