Jay Z Tried to Pull Off a Double Dab at the Clippers Game Last Night

At least he was having fun with it.

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Last night, Jay Z and Beyoncé sat courtside at the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder game at Staples Center in downtown L.A. Naturally, the video team at the arena put the power couple up on the big screen during the game, which is of course very common nowadays. What isn't that common is Hov trying to pull off the not-so-easy double dab move while on camera in front of thousands of people.

This wasn't the first time that Jay attempted to dab in a full arena, and to his credit, he looked a little more comfortable last night than he did during his Tidal concert back in October. Still, there's a good chance that Jay will get fried for this one, though he probably doesn't care. And to be honest, it was really the cutest thing to see Bey smiling while Hov tried to downplay his dab after the fact. That's true love right there. You can check out the video for yourself above. 

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