After Eight Years, It Looks Like Jay Z's "Big Pimpin" Sampling Case Is Going to Trial

The trial is scheduled to begin in October.

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The dragged out case on whether Jay Z and Timbaland rightfully sampled an Egyptian song on "Big Pimpin" may finally be resolved. The legal issues between Jay and Osama Ahmed Fahmy have been going on for years, but now, Fahmy and his legal team are going about the case in a way that could wrap things up in the near future.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fahmy and his team claim that the original company that he sold the license of "Kohsara, Kohsara" to did not have the right to sell it to Jay and Timbaland in the first place. In the past, Fahmy argued that his "moral rights" were infringed upon because the original song was "mutilated" by Jay and Timbo.

Originally, Timbaland licensed the song from EMI Arabia, which had a deal with the Egyptian record label Sout el Phan that Fahmy licensed the song to. However, Fahmy claims that EMI Arabia's rights expired in 2007 and they didn't even have the ability to license the song in the first place. As of now, settlements in the case have been unsuccessful, and if the parties are not able to come to terms, the case is set to head to court in October.


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