Jaden Smith Released a 3-Song Album to Celebrate Kendall Jenner's Birthday

Just another turn in the strange journey that is Jaden Smith.

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Admittedly, I've become somewhat of a Jaden Smith stan during his recent crusade of new music releases over the past month. Say what you will about him, but the music and his rapping has been pretty damn good. That's not debatable. Now, that doesn't mean that Jaden isn't out there, because frankly, he is, and that's okay.

His talents have never been more evident than on his three new tracks, which he has packaged together as a birthday gift to his good friend Kendall Jenner, who just happened to appear in one of his recent videos. All three of the tracks are produced by Jaden's frequent collaborator, Téo, and show just how far Jaden has come as an artist in a pretty short period of time.

For instance, take the first drop, "Preach," where Jaden starts off the track rather calm, easily piecing together lines like, "Cus I'm as flawless as a diamond, all day shining while you catching my timing." He quickly elevates to a level that most people probably thought he couldn't reach, transforming into an aggressive MC and leaving behind the beat to spit a portion of the verse a cappella. This continues for the next two releases, as it has for every track he has dropped during this ongoing resurgence.

It's time to wake up; Jaden Smith is a good rapper. But in typical Jaden fashion, the video below, which Jaden calls "Cosmic Unconscious," will leave you confused as fuck.




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