"J. Cole Went Platinum With No Features" Is the Best Meme Right Now

Did you know that J. Cole went platinum with no features? If you didn't all of music Twitter is here to remind you.

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Sometimes the best jokes on the Internet come from the most unlikely places, which is precisely the case with the running "J. Cole Went Platinum With No Features" meme. The joke is no shade at Cole, whose feature-less album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, has now gone double platinum since its release. Instead the joke is on cult of Cole and his overly zealous fans who have routinely tried to use "the platinum with no features" angle as ammo to gloat on Twitter about their favorite artist. 

But the joke has taken on a life of its own to became a weird parody of itself. It's the funniest meme on Twitter right now, and the competition isn't even close. The joke has transcended Cole, hip-hop, and music altogether. 

Bravo, sir. 

*slow clap* 


Somehow we're just scratching the surface here. 

Seriously, it might be time for the MJ Crying meme to step down. 

Peace forever. 

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