Unconfirmed Internet Rumor Suggests Future Is Dropping Another New Album This Week

Is Future about to drop another album? A new internet rumor points in that direction.

UPDATE: In his Twitter Q&A, Future says he's not releasing music because of Rocko, but wouldn't deny another album is coming this week. Interesting. 

Is Future going for everyone's necks in 2017? That may be the case if this new internet rumor from HDD is true. According to the site, which has been both right and wrong about things of this nature in the past, Future is planning to drop another new album later this week. Of course, he just released his new self-titled album last week. Future also announced a tour. Is another album coming next? Who knows, but it wouldn't be a big shock based on Future's past work ethic.

The report claims that the new album is going to be more radio friendly. Again, there has been no confirmation about this. We've reached out to multiple reps for Future and are awaiting word back. Stay tuned for more. 

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