Frank Ocean's Def Jam Contract Reportedly Fulfilled With 'Endless,' Making 'Blonde' an Independent Release

Frank Ocean reportedly fulfilled his Def Jam contract with 'Endless,' which made 'Blonde' an independent release.

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Over the weekend, Frank Ocean finally released his new album, Blonde, which came two days after his Endless visual album came out. Both were released exclusively on Apple Music, though as it shows on the service, they were put out on different labels. Endless lists Frank's label as Def Jam Records, which was the same as his 2012 project, Channel Orange, while Blonde lists Frank's independent label Boys Don't Cry.

According to PitchforkEndless actually fulfilled Frank's contract with Def Jam, which paved the way for Blonde to be independent. Of course, Frank has not publicly said anything about the status of his deals, while Def Jam has yet to announce anything officially, but it's worth noting that they did not promote either of Frank's albums on their Twitter account. Frank originally signed with Def Jam back in 2009 and he's still currently listed as an artist on the label on their official website. 

We'll continue to update this story as more information becomes available. We've reached out for comment from Def Jam and Apple Music. 

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