DJ Khaled Shares Some Essential Snapchat Tips and Tricks With Jimmy Kimmel

So many keys given out throughout this clip.

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Seeing thatDJ Khaled is one of the kings of Snapchat at the moment, it makes perfect sense that he would be the one to show others the keys to success with the app. In particular, he showed Jimmy Kimmel all of the essential tips and tricks of Snapchat on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. While Khaled ran through the basics of using the app, he also explained to Jimmy what some his prized catchphrases like "Mogul Talk," "Major Key Alert," "Don't Ever Play Yourself," and more actually mean. Of course, Khaled also recently broke down to Ellen DeGeneres who "They" are, so he's basically giving away all of the secrets while continuing his massive winning streak that has netted him plenty of success. After watching Khaled's tutorial above, there's really no excuse to not follow him on Snapchat and ensure that you're on your own pathway to greatness

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