Dr. Dre Scrapped "Detox" Years Ago, According To Longtime Aftermath Producer

Will Dre's next album ever come out though?

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The myth that is Dr. Dre's unicorn of an album, Detox, appears to officially be put to rest. During a recent appearance on the Shots Fired podcast, longtime Aftermath producer Dawaun Parker opened up about the mysterious project, and revealed that Dre actually scrapped the name Detox years ago. While we now will mourn one of the great enigma's in music history, Parker did instill some hope in fans, saying that though Dre scrapped the Detox concept, but he did come up with another title and release plan, though he couldn't reveal any additional details on the matter. The same question remains though: will Dr. Dre's elusive 2001-follow-up album, whatever it might be called, ever see the light of day? Listen to the full clip below.


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