Meet the Dancing Blue Power Ranger Taking Over Atlanta One Viral Video at a Time

We talked to the dancing Blue Power Ranger who is taking over Atlanta.

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Future's "Married to the Game" is the latest slow burner jam in his ever-expanding catalog, but while the song is buzzing because it's good, there's also another factor at play for its popularity: the dancing Blue Power Ranger who is going viral in Atlanta. If you haven't seen him online, you're missing out. His videos, which started really popping a few months back, have become a staple of social media, especially Twitter and Vine.

The concept is rather simple: a Blue Power Ranger dancing to trap hits while wearing cowboy boots. The result is hilarious and the videos have quickly gone viral with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ocho Cinco, and David Yost—the man who actually played Billy the Blue Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers—sharing the clips on their pages. To many, the man behind the Blue Power Ranger suit is a mystery, but lo and behold, he's actually an actor by the name of Jet Wavy who scored the role because the suit was too small for his friend. Sometimes it just works out like that. We were able to track down Jet Wavy and talk to him about the role, blowing up online, and what's next. 

The blue power ranger in cowboy boots videos are hilarious...

— Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) September 6, 2016

So tell me a little bit about yourself
I'm from College Park, Ga. and I've pretty much doing comedy for 12 years now. I've always done a lot of characters. The first time was when I dressed up like Prince in high school to make everyone laugh. Since then I just knew I had a gift to make people laugh so I just kept making videos and coming up with funny characters and different types of personalities over the years. 

Talk about how the Blue Power Ranger came to be.
I have a friend named Dre and Dre was supposed to perform in the Blue Power Ranger suit at a kid's birthday party. When he went to perform at the party, everyone started laughing as soon as he came out to the kids. Everyone was laughing because he was basically freeballing in the suit and his reaction made me laugh. So after the party I went and talked to Dre and explained how hilarious the whole thing was with the kids and the suit. He ended up giving me the suit and was like, "Just do something in it," so I got the suit and the very next day I made a video. This was like six months ago. 

What made you decide to use Future's "Married to the Game" for one of the videos? 
That might be the hottest Future song out right now. That might be. And I'm saying that because every time I hear it, it's something new with it. It has that extraterrestrial feeling to it. It's just such a dope song that I had to put it in a video. 

How did you come up with the dance moves? They're so crazy! 
Man, I've been dancing for a long time. I'm like Michael Jackson. The next Michael Jackson. It's going to be so lowkey too. They're going to be like, "Who's this dude busting all of these moves out?" I'm tapping into that MJ aura, man. I kinda grew up on that old school music where people got up and danced. I guess it's just me not having that fear of going out to dance and entertain. 

Gonna get drunk & hit this in front of all the white people at this wedding tomorrow.

— Jenniggafer Hopez (@Asia_Bean) September 8, 2016

What were those first reactions like when you were out dancing in Atlanta in the suit? 
I'm out there dancing any and everywhere in Atlanta. But man, traffic was stopping. People pulling out cameras, honking horns, pulling over. One time some kids got out of the car and started screaming and taking pictures. It just made my heart melt. Now I got people watching. The Blue Power Ranger gets so much love in Atlanta period. 

What are some of your favorite songs right now?
I was definitely encouraged to do "Broccoli," which is a huge record right now. I hit them folks to it. I do love "Codeine Crazy" because of the beat. I love "Married to the Game" obviously. Pretty much anything Future is doing right now. He's so hot right now. 

Explain to me how the cowboy boots came into the outfit. 
OK. [Laughs.] The cowboy boots came about after I saw them at my house. I just looked at the boots and they instantly looked funny. They ended up being my stepmom's boots and long story short, I didn't steal the boots—but I borrowed the boots. When I did the video in the boots the response was so big that I knew I couldn't give them back. But I wouldn't say I stole the boots because I can still give them back. [Laughs.] They're leaning though. They're hanging on the last thread. Funny thing is she keeps asking me about the boots too.

Has she seen the Blue Power Ranger videos? 
She probably has, but she wants those boots back. She's like, "Where my boots at?" But yeah, she's seen them and loves everything I do. 

Are the boots comfortable to dance in? 
Yes, they are very comfortable and this is because I named them. I named them the "Thugga 11s." Every time I go out there I feel like I'm wearing something Young Thug would rock. I had a friend who also said the boots look like Woody's from Toy Story and the fact that people can identify with the boots is a reason why I stuck with them. 

Anything you want to add?
I really just want to thank everyone who supports me and shows me love. Everyone reposting the videos. I want to tell people that it's God driving everything. It's God's mercy and favor pushing everything we're doing. I feel like God has called me to do His work and that's what I'm going to do. I'm ready.

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