Chance The Rapper Is Getting His Own Signature Beer

Gotta try this.

If you're attending Pitchfork Fest in Chicago later this month, then you will have the special opportunity to try Chance The Rapper's own signature beer made by Goose Island. Chance's signature brew, which is officially called No Collar, is a 5.3 percent Helles-style lager that will be available throughout the weekend to help celebrate both Chicago and Chance, who is headlining the festival on the final night of the event.

Chance never had the opportunity to head to the brewery to work on the beer, but he did speak the head brewmaster, Jared Jankowski​, about how they wanted to craft the blend and make it personal to both him and his city. If you're unable to attend the festival but want to try Chance's beer, it will also be available in certain bars around the city after the festival concludes. Additional details about this year's Pitchfork Festival, which is set to take place on July 17-19, can be found here

[via Red Eye]

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