Here's How Chance the Rapper's 'Coloring Book' Can Still Win a Grammy

A Grammy rep explained to us how a rule change could help Chance the Rapper out.

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On Thursday night, Chance the Rapper released his long-awaited mixtape, ColoringBook, as an exclusive on Apple Music. And though the project is available through a paid streaming service, it's not actually available for purchase on iTunes or any other digital music platform. Because of this unique release, the question remains if Chance's new project can be nominated and then win a Grammy.

According to a rep for the Recording Academy, under the current rules, Chance's ColoringBook would not be eligible for this year's awards because the committee does not recognize streaming only releases. However, the Grammy rep explained to Complex they're currently reviewing language submitted to them regarding streaming only projects, and if approved, would make Chance's ColoringBook eligible for this year's Grammy awards. The rep didn't share specific details about the committee's current thought process on the change, but did say they should have an official update in late June.

The potential rule changes for the Grammys come just days after Chance publicly supportedanonlinepetition that called for the awards to recognize free releases going forward. The petition currently has over 27,000 signatures with a goal to reach 35,000. It's currently unclear if that petition had anything to do with the Grammys reviewing the new language regarding streaming only projects. For Chance, and many other artists out there, this would be a major win. You can stream Chance's Coloring Book project right here, and read Chance's Complex 2016 cover story right here

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