Young Thug to Kanye: 'If I'm Not on Yandhi I'm Never Talking to U Again'

Young Thug would like Kanye West (and everyone else) to know that the newly announced 'Yandhi' needs him. The possible 'Yeezus' sequel, if all goes as planned, is due later this month.

Preferably, Yandhi will boast at least one appearance from Young Thug a.k.a. SEX.

The supposed quasi-sequel to Kanye West's fucking incredible 2013 album Yeezus, seemingly announced by West via some very iOS-friendly social media posts Monday, is expected to reveal itself on the same day West returns to Saturday Night Live for the seventh time. As Thugger explained in a quick tweet Tuesday, West would be well-advised to include him on the project's final tracklist (perhaps pulling from that batch of 40 teased years ago?) if he ever wants to hear from him again.

Aside from what may or may not be cover art, we don't really know anything about Yandhi, including (but not limited to) whether it's even an album at all. If so, will this mean we're getting finished versions of Yeezus leftovers previously hinted at by Rick Rubin? Was "I Love It," which certainly treads vaguely similar lyrical ground as Yeezus, actually the lead Yandhi single? Will West spend some lines directly confronting his reckless comments on Trumpism? 

In addition to Yandhi, the previously shelved Good Ass Job title has also been revived as a Chance the Rapper collab. Presumably, Good Ass Job will—as previously suggested—keep it concise with a seven-track length a la this summer's G.O.O.D. marathon.

This year alone, West has already released two albums: the Billboard 200–topping Ye, as well as his Kid Cudi collab Kids See Ghosts. At this year's Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles, West and Cudi will present their inaugural performance as a two-person supergroup.

Thug is also gearing up to release his highly anticipated On the Run project, which was missed its expected release date earlier this month. Between the delay and his arrest in Georgia last week, it's clear Thugger has had a rocky month. And now, the Super Slimey artist is raising more concerns after posting an Instagram story of him inside the hospital.

It's unclear why the rapper was admitted. Stay tuned as more information becomes available. 

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