Here's How to Stream Kanye West's Glastonbury Performance Outside The U.K.

The hype is quite real, so don't miss Ye's surely legendary Glastonbury Fest 2015 performance.

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The road to Kanye West's performance on Saturday at the 2015 edition of the legendary Glastonbury Festival in England has been paved with reported death threats, a punk rock cosign from a fighter of Foo, and a paralyzing level of hype that most seem to agree will fuel the performance with likely overwhelming amounts of litness.

Sadly, not everyone resides in the United Kingdom — meaning many are currently faced with the frustratingly complicated task of figuring out just how the f:)ck to watch Kanye's Glastonbury set. Thankfully, the internet is a beautiful and enchanting place — meaning we do have options to prevent the potentially miserable amount of FOMO instigated by missing highly tweetable Ye moments.

Praise be to Google (YeezyTalk, et al), here's how to stream Kanye West's Glastonbury performance outside the U.K. (FYI — it has been recommended to only conduct non-sensitive behavior, i.e. streaming video, using these services):

Download Hola — a freemium VPN (Virtual Private Network) service for web and mobile which allows you to browse the web "without censorship" through a peer-to-peer network. Then, change your location to — of course — the U.K. I'll let this guy give you the confused-grandparent-gets-iPhone-for-Xmas explanation:

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If, by chance, Hola doesn't work for you — just try DotVPN or a similar service. After changing your location, simply visit the BBC Glastonbury page to enjoy the stream in all its glory. Unlike previous broadcasts, BBC has simply told potential viewers to "expect bad language" — meaning no one will have to suffer through unnecessarily shoddy attempts at censorship. If the steps above seem daunting, simply wait for the performance to hit YouTube.

Kanye's set is expected to begin at 5:15 EST.


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