Talib Kweli Ready to Resume Work on Album With Kanye West: 'Welcome Back'

Talib Kweli teased an unfinished Ye-assisted song and urged the "Get By" producer to revisit it in light of his not-quite-an-apology statement on Candace Owens.


Image via Getty/Jason Squires/WireImage for PMK/HBH


Following Kanye West's not-quite-an-apology statement this week, Talib Kweli seems ready to start working with the "Get By" producer again.

According to Kweli, he and West "started an album together" last January. "That same month Candace Owens trolled me on Twitter and her followers called me all types of n****rs and monkeys for months," Kweli said in an Instagram post Tuesday.

Kweli also shared a clip of a new track, adding that it's "probably time" to revisit it. "Welcome back," he told West.

In a series of tweets Tuesday, West failed to directly mention Trump—with whom he was recently seen in the Oval Office, big dumb MAGA hat and all—but did claim that his eyes were now "wide open" to the fact that he had very clearly been used. He also said he supports prison reform, common sense gun laws, and other decidedly not Trumpesque policies.

Previously, Kweli was among those publicly expressing their frustrations with West regarding his reckless embrace of Trumpism. "I would find it difficult working with Kanye on music right now with his position on Trump and Candace Owens and his repeating white supremacist lines on black-on-black crime and slavery is a choice," he said back in May.

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