Student Risks Suspension by Refusing to Stop Listening to G Herbo's 'Ballin' Like I'm Kobe' in Class

When asked to turn off the mixtape, the student reportedly replied by quoting the "Why You Lyin" genius.

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When a fan is dedicated to a particularly flames-dot-net album that was just released, the need for repeated listens quickly reaches addiction levels. This isn't much of a problem, of course, until some lame in a public setting simply isn't so fond of the album in question. For one undeniably turnt G Herbo (a.k.a. Lil Herb) fan, an admirable dedication to the recently released Ballin' Like I'm Kobe swiftly landed him with the possibility of school suspension:

According to the "school discipline referral form," the Chicago-area student was written up shortly before class began after screaming Lil Herb lyrics in the hallway. Once class started, the student reportedly "refused to remove his headphones and turn off his cellular device" during the lesson. After being asked several times by the teacher to remove his headphones, the student then responded "Nah, I'm good. This Ball Like I'm Kobe. You tweaking."

Once the teacher informed the student that he was now risking suspension by refusing to exit the wonderful world of Herbo while in the classroom, the student promptly responded by quoting the "Why You Always Lyin'?" genius:

I warned him a second time and said if he didn’t remove his headphones and turn off the music he would be suspended. He joked around with several classmates and replied, ‘Why the fuck you lying' in a singing tone.

Life in 2015 is a truly beautiful thing.

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