Snoop Dogg Says He Was Told He Could Make $100 Million on OnlyFans: 'All You Gotta Do Is Pull That Thang Out'

Fans will recall that Snoop's 'Doggystyle' DVD released by Larry Flynt back in 2001 ultimately bagged two AVN Awards.

snoop dogg on stage
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snoop dogg on stage

Snoop Dogg says he was told he could make $100 million on OnlyFans by giving would-be subscribers the full monty.

On the inaugural episode of Slink Johnson’s Wake & Bake With Double S Express Instagram podcast, Snoop reflected on the invitation, though it wasn’t made clear, exactly, who presented him with the $100 million figure.

"They got at me when one of them little girls, she made like $20 million on there, right?" Snoop said. "They was like, 'OnlyFans wants you to come on there, Snoop. ... You can do about $100 million. All you gotta do is pull that thang out.' I’m like, 'N***a, I got a Black wife, n***a. Ain’t no way in the world she gonna allow me to go on there and pull that thang out for no amount of money.'"

Complex has reached out to OnlyFans for comment. This story may be updated.

Fans will note that Snoop won a pair of AVN Awards back in 2002 for the Larry Flynt-backed Doggystyle DVD, which boasted "uncut and unbelievable backyard fucking." Snoop, however, did not appear nude in the production.

“Like myself, Snoop has had to battle for his First Amendment rights to say what he wants,” Flynt, the late founder of Hustler magazine, said in the run-up to the tape’s release in 2001. “My forum is Hustler magazine, Snoop’s forum is rap music. This video brings together those two worlds.”

A number of celebrities have embraced OnlyFans to varying degrees in recent years, including Blac Chyna and Chris Brown. When it comes to everyday folks, however, many still face an embarrassingly out-of-touch stigma over their decision to pursue (and often thrive in) sex work.

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