Robin Thicke Slapped With Restraining Order After Paula Patton Alleges Abuse

Paula Patton has been granted a temporary restraining order against ex-husband Robin Thicke.

Robin Thicke

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Robin Thicke

Paula Patton has accused Robin Thicke of domestic violence and drug abuse, the New York Daily Newsreported Friday. Patton, in a sworn statement in Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday, alleged that her ex-husband has a "raging, violent temper" and "regularly bedded other women" during their time together.

A restraining order has now been issued against Thicke, banning him from coming within 100 feet of Patton, Patton’s mother, and the former couple’s son-year-old son. The judge, according to the Daily News, acknowledged that Thicke has a "history of domestic violence" on the temporary restraining order and other court documents. "Robin quite simply emotionally wore me down," Patton said of the marriage, which ended in divorce in 2015. "I felt abused, disrespected and depressed. I wanted out of this marriage."

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But Thicke alleges that the accusations stem from a disagreement surrounding his father's funeral service. "I believe Paula's sudden ardent opposition to me spending time with Julian is a product of residual anger she holds toward me," Thicke said in his sworn statement, claiming there were no issues with the custody arrangement of their son Julian until recently. "Neither my family nor I would permit Paula or her family to attend the funeral of my father on December 20, 2016."

Additional documents obtained byPeople describe a specific incident at their son's birthday party, with Patton accusing Thicke of inviting a "drug dealer" to the residence. "In April 2015, Robin held Julian's birthday party, and I attended without incident (I did note, however, that Robin had invited his drug dealer 'Guido' to the party, which I thought was highly inappropriate. I was aware of who Guido was since Robin would procure drugs through him during our marriage)," an excerpt from Patton's declaration stated.

Patton will retain sole custody of Julian until the next hearing on Feb. 24.

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