Post Malone Introduces Jimmy Fallon to the Magic of Olive Garden

At least, I think that's Jimmy Fallon? It's one of the late night Jimmys, anyway.

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Earlier this month, Post Malone stopped by a couch belonging to one of the late-night Jimmys—Fallon, I wanna say?—to talk Posty Fest, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and the casual dining experience of Olive Garden. When the host revealed he had never actually been to one of these Olive Gardens, Malone vowed to change that.

"Oh yeah, everything from going platinum to going undefeated 20 and 0 in beer pong that night we stay up until 1 p.m. and hit Olive Garden and celebrate life," Malone said at the time when asked about his ritual of celebrating milestones at Olive Garden. "We're gonna go tonight and we're gonna get it on. We're gonna get in trouble tonight."

View this video on YouTube

On Thursday's Tonight Show, we got footage of Malone taking this particular Jimmy to an Olive Garden to peruse the unlimited salad, equally unlimited breadsticks, wine samples, and an extra-crispy take on the chicken parmesan with rigatoni. Their visit was punctuated by a surprise gift to Malone near the end of the meal involving a once-classic Olive Garden slogan. Catch the full video of the Postified Olive Garden dining experience up top.


Speaking of Posty Fest, the inaugural edition of what will presumably become an annual throwdown hits Dallas, Texas Oct. 28 and will feature Travis Scott, Tyler, the Creator, and more.

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