Post Malone Talks 'Hollywood's Bleeding,' Remembers Mac Miller and Lil Peep in New Interview

Posty was also announced as having surpassed 5 billion global streams on Apple Music.


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Post Malone has a new album out today, and as expected, it pairs nicely with a morning beer or three.

As is standard for Fucking Massive Album Release Day festivities now, Malone joined Zane Lowe for a Beats 1 discussion on Hollywood's Bleeding, which brings together an assortment of collaborators ranging from Ozzy Fucking Osbourne to Future.

"I'm making things work in a way that I don't want to alienate fans of my music but at the same time I want to do something weird and funky," Post said of his goals going into Hollywood's Bleeding. "I think this record, the new record is something super epic and I think it's really cool. I think I'm really catching a groove and just giving the best I can."

Later, Post discussed the deaths of two fellow artists whose genre-defying work he greatly admired, Mac Miller and Lil Peep.

"Mac was the first one that tweeted me," Post said of Mac. "It's so weird because I listened to him since the beginning. I was like, 'Yeah, awesome. This guy's cool as shit.' Then to be able to meet him and become friends with him was just like, 'I look up to you, and now we're sitting here playing beer pong.'" 

Addressing their previously reported plans for a collab album, Post recalled that the idea came together during a round of pong.

"We were sitting there playing beer pong and we were like, 'Let's make a fucking album.' Then we were coming up with names and then it's so weird too. Because it was like a day, two days after he died. We were at an Airbnb in L.A. and all of a sudden the TV turns on . . . and it wouldn't stop. We tried disconnecting it and all this. Then we turned it off and then it came back on and I was just like, 'This is weird. It gives me chills.' I don't know. What an incredible, honestly, what a genuine human being."

Speaking on Peep, Post rightfully took issue with the sensationalized coverage and lifestyle shaming that some chose to engage in following his death.

"I remember when Peep died and there was a bunch of shaming like on social media, like, 'Oh these kids doing all their fucking drugs,'" he told Zane. "At the same time, you don't know what someone is going through and you don't know how easy it is just to get caught up in something to the point where you can't stop. It's not your fault. You don't need somebody to talk down to you or say, 'Oh, you shouldn't do drugs.' You need somebody to be there to give you the support that you need as a friend or a family member. I've been there. It's fucking hard."

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Elsewhere, Post discussed the current status of his relationship with Kanye West, with whom he's collaborated on multiple occasions. Most recently, West received a co-writing credit on Hollywood's Bleeding cut "Internet."

"I haven't talked to him in a long time," Post said before launching into a summary of how their Pablo era collab "Fade" came together. "[Fade] was a big experience for me. That was really, really, really something else. Legendary. I remember we went to go and he was working on the Yeezy stuff. He said come over and cut the track. We sat there, we had like a nice foldable picnic table type deal with a laptop and a mic there. We were drinking Fireball, for some reason."

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Apple Music simultaneously announced Friday that Hollywood's Bleeding had set a record on the streaming platform for the most pre-adds in a single week. Additionally, Posty has topped five billion global streams on the platform.

Catch the full Posty x Zane chat below:

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