Pat Corcoran Announces Partnership With Warner Records, Introduces First Artist 99 Neighbors

Pat Corcoran, longtime Chance the Rapper manager, believes Warner is the "perfect place" for the Vermont collective to thrive.


Courtesy of Warner Records


A new partnership between Warner Records and longtime Chance the Rapper manager Pat Corcoran's entertainment company Nice Work began with a fateful phone call to a friend.

As Corcoran tells it, it all started when he reached out to label SVP A&R Chris Morris.

"Chris is not only one of the kindest humans on the planet but also has a wonderful ability to make anything he touches a massive success," Corcoran, whose Chicago-based Nice Work is built with the purpose of providing an "artist-focused" take on entertainment companies, said Monday. "Chris and I have gotten to know each other well via Chance and Skrillex collaborating over the years. I am blessed to know him."

The partnership will soon result in the release of a new project from 99 Neighbors, a music collective that brings together the song-making prowess of producer Somba and vocalists HANKNATIVE and Sam Paulino, who count as founders of the crew. Like any true collective, the 99 Neighbors creative family also counts photographers, designers, and other artists from various mediums as part of the group, including Swank (vocalist), Aidan Ostby (vocalist), Jared Fier (DJ/producer), Shane Kaseta (graphic designer/photographer), and Julian Segar-Reid (guitarist/producer).

Check out their new video for "Fake Pods" below.

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For Corcoran and his Nice Work team, which also counts Knox Fortune and AlunaGeorge as roster artists, linking with Warner Records made perfect sense given their support of his vision. Namely, he wanted to find a label group that was up for a split-duties agreement in which they mainly provided assistance via distribution, promo, and marketing. The Nice Work team, meanwhile, will be able to grow its dedicated focus on cultivating relationships with artists by working closely with them throughout the development of a project.

"Sitting with Aaron Bay-Schuck, Tom Corson, Warren Gesin, and Chris a few times allowed the idea to really flourish," Corcoran explained. "After those good hangs, I felt that they were the perfect place for 99 Neighbors."

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