Omarion Addresses Catfishing Scam Involving Fan Who Thought They Were Engaged

Omarion is urging all of his fans to "be smart" by watching out for pricey catfishing scams like the one recently featured on an episode of 'Dr. Phil.'

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Omarion is urging everyone to “be smart” when it comes to scams after a woman featured in a recent Dr. Phil segment said she was engaged to someone who claimed to be the singer online.

In the segment, a woman named Simone was featured after the show’s team was first reached out to by a concerned friend. Simone herself, notably, also stressed that she wanted to find out “the truth” of her situation.

“His manager wants me to pay $3,000 to meet him,” Simone, who also said she believed that Omarion had bought her a ring although the two have never met, told Dr. Phil.

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According to Simone, the person claiming to be Omarion asked her to marry them last year. She said she and this person have been talking since October 2020, adding that she previously paid $300 for what was said to be a “fan club” service of some kind. All told, according to an estimate provided by her concerned friend, Simone has sent about $4,500 to this person over the past two years.

Omarion himself has since addressed the scam, all while affirming the “respect” he has for his fans.

“Be smart family,” Omarion said in an Instagram update shared shortly after the episode debuted. “So many people have stories saying they spoke with me online. I don’t take advantage of people. I respect and appreciate people who support me.”

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Next up for Omarion—who was also seen in the episode above sharing a timely message for the Dr. Phil audience—is his recently announced new album, Full Circle: Sonic Book One. The album, out in May, is the follow-up to 2020’s The Kinection.

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