Why Meek Mill Canceled Plans to Attend Prison Reform Panel at White House

Good call.

Meek Mill, who was originally set to participate in an upcoming prison reform panel at the White House, has decided to skip the event. In a statement to Complex Friday, Meek lamented the fact that the focus had shifted from a much-needed discussion on reform to a definitely-not-needed discussion on Trump.

"I was originally scheduled to be part of a panel on prison reform at the White House to help shed light on the issues within the system," Meek said. "Unfortunately, the focus turned to the president and myself which concerned me that it might take away from creating a positive result from today’s discussions. As a result, I decided not to attend, so that the focus would be solely on fixing our prison system. Most importantly, I remain fully committed to improving our criminal justice system."

The event was scheduled to take place Friday. In their report Thursday, TMZalleged that multiple celebrity friends had reached out to Meek's team in an effort to convince him not to attend. After all, Trump has never cared about criminal justice reform or any issue even remotely parallel to that.

On Thursday, Hot 97 surprise-announced the addition of Meek to this year's already stacked Summer Jam lineup. Additionally, the station will be making a $10,000 donation to Justice League NYC, the Gathering for Justice task force that helped secure Meek's release from prison.

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