Meek Mill Reportedly Avoids Felony Charges in Wheelie Case

Meek's lawyer has called the case "absolutely ridiculous."

Meek Mill will reportedly not face felony reckless endangerment charges after being arrested for popping a wheelie on a dirt bike in New York City. Prosecutors decided not to pursue the charges Friday, according toTMZ. Meek was arrested by NYC police Thursday night for the wheelie on, which had been broadcast on Instagram Live.

"In my 26 years in this system, both as a prosector and a defense lawyer, I've really never seen a case like this," Meek's attorney, Joe Tacopina, told reporters. "I really haven't. You know, you have a situation where a guy literally popped a wheelie for 10 seconds on the street with no one else around, and the police were there. That's very important. The police were there and saw it that night, and they didn't arrest him. They didn't charge him with reckless endangerment. They didn't even give him a traffic ticket."

Tacopina also criticized the arrest of "only" Meek Mill in "one of the most outrageous fashions" he's ever seen, citing the fact that there were eight other people "doing the same thing" that night. "What's very telling about the police department's intent here and how they viewed this is that they had 22 police cars [to] arrest Meek Mill on a traffic violation," he said. "I mean, I think when John Gotti was arrested, there were about four police cars. It just goes to tell you what's in their state of mind. I mean, it was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous."

Meek Mill was also present and spoke for the first time since being arrested. "I ain't here in New York to commit no criminal activity. I came to see the high school kids play basketball and that was that," he said. The short interview ended after a reporter asked if he considers himself a good driver.

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No felony charge is good news for Meek, who just last year was ordered to endure a 90-day house arrest and six-month parole for violating his probation. The probation stemmed from a 2009 agreement related to drug and gun charges. In March of this year, Meek was reportedly given a court summons after getting into an incident at the St. Louis International Airport in Missouri.

As for the wheelie charge, which does indeed sound pretty ridiculous, Meek is now expected to face "some sort of misdemeanor" instead of a felony.

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