Lil Yachty Looks Back on ‘Let’s Start Here’ Leak: ‘The Saddest I’ve Ever Been’

Yachty also spoke about leaks in general, noting the negative impact they often have on an artist's rollout plans.

lil yachty on stage
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lil yachty on stage

The profound lameness of leakers is discussed in the latest episode of Lil Yachty and @mitchgonemad’s A Safe Place podcast, with Boat crediting the leak of his acclaimed Let’s Start Here album with making him the “saddest” he’s ever been.

A little over four minutes into the episode, Yachty noted the recent leak of footage showing him and Drake working on a potential new video. As Yachty pointed out, he and the "Summer Games" sequel denier were “in the middle of batshit nowhere” at the time, making the leak particularly “insane” for multiple reasons.

"In retrospect, you would assume how was anyone even around," Yachty said. "We were in the woods by, like, a lake. Two things: I think my take on it is that Drake has these insane fans who follow him everywhere he goes. Everywhere. And my take on it is that I think fans were just following and then drove down the street and went through the woods and walked through."

On foot, these fans were able to not be spotted by the heavy security presence, making the leak all the more unsettling. From there, Yachty and Mitch started talking more generally about leaks and how they often have a detrimental impact on an artist’s release plans. In many cases, a leak can result in a planned release being totally called off.

“Why don’t people wanna get things when it’s ready?” Yachty asked. “Why don’t you want something full and completed? Why would you jeopardize?” While it was likely “pure excitement” to blame in the case of the Drake video shoot leak, Yachty said it’s “still annoying” because it results in fans being given access to unfinished work. 

From there, Yachty mentioned the impact leaks have had on the work of Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert, for example, while also highlighting the sometimes high amounts of money at stake for those doing the leaking.

A bit past the seven-minute mark, Let’s Start Here—which leaked roughly a month before its official rollout—was mentioned.

“I was so sad,” Yachty initially ecalled of the experience. “That was the saddest I’ve been in so long.” Elaborating further, Yachty ratcheted up his assessment of the moment.

“I think that was the saddest I’ve ever been probably,” he said. “I can’t imagine a time when I’ve been sadder. I was so hurt because I worked so hard on that project. I was so excited to surprise people with it and it was a low quality old version. People started forming opinions and everything so soon, and I was bummed out. Y’all should really stop doing that.”

In a message flashed on the screen while Yachty discussed this, he questioned the origin of a title given to the leaked version of the album.

“Deadass where did y’all get Sonic Ranch,” the message read.

For the full episode, which opens with a hilarious back-and-forth about grandmother texting etiquette, see below.

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Later this month, Yachty kicks off his Field Trip Tour in support of Let’s Start Here and his recently released Tesla EP. The tour launches at Echostage in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 21 before hitting New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Nashville, New Orleans, and more.

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