Lil Xan Food Court Shouting Match Caught on Video

Lil Xan yelled about his alleged riches and seemingly said something much worse after picking up something off the Secret Rich People Menu™ at Taco Bell.

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A heated exchange of words between Lil Xan and a fellow Circle Centre Mall food court visitor was caught on video Monday. The video, of course, has since made its way into the hands of TMZ.

In the clip, Xan is seen yelling at an unknown person about how allegedly wealthy he is whilst laughing. "You broke," he says at one point. "Little broke-ass bitch." Near the beginning of the brief clip, it sounds like Xan is saying "n***a."

Someone from Xan's team, carrying an H&M bag, is also seen approaching the person filming the footage in an apparent effort to get them to cease recording. "I'm gonna call the police if you don't leave me alone," says the person filming. Anyway, if this Indianapolis-set incident sounds like something you actually want your eyes and ears to experience, you can do that via the video up top. Totally up to you.

At the time of this writing, Xan hadn't publicly commented on the video. Complex has reached out to his reps for comment.


Xan previously caught controversy-laden headlines for his comments on 2Pac earlier this year. Back in February, he called 2Pac's music "boring." In subsequent comments, however, he claimed his words had been "twisted" by outlets. "The media twisted my words," he said. "I think 2Pac is a legend. ... They just twist your words and they want you to hate me. Don't hate me. Positivity over everything."

View this video on YouTube

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