Lil Pump Is in Hot Water With Archdiocese of L.A. Over "Gucci Gang" Video

Gucci Gang vs. God Gang.

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Despite my repeated insistence that Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang" is likely late literary character Jesus Christ's favorite song of 2017, at least one religious group wholeheartedly disagrees. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is reportedly pissed to a heavenly degree about the powerful "Gucci Gang" video being filmed at the local Blessed Sacrament School, God's favorite website (TMZ) claimed Friday.

The school reportedly never filled the Archdiocese in on the arguably godly vibes of the "Gucci Gang" clip. A spokesperson toldTMZ Friday that the school also "failed to follow filming policy and procedures," a list of rules I'm going to naively hope no one actually follows in their day-to-day life. The Ben Griffin-directed "Gucci Gang" video notably includes church-friendly items such as weed and a tiger. The Archdiocese is now reportedly investigating the filming, as though any of this truly matters to anyone but them.


Even without the Archdiocese's endorsement, "Gucci Gang" has become an indisputable smash. The track is currently No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, bested only by "Perfect," "Havana," and "Rockstar." The Bighead and Gnealz-produced track appears on Pump's self-titled mixtape, which also features "Molly" and "D Rose."

Lil Yachty, who appears on the Lil Pump cut "Back," promised fans last month that he and Pump would reunite for an untitled full-length collaborative project in early 2018.

First Of The Year, We Promise 🤞🏿

— C.V Thomas (@lilyachty) November 12, 2017

As expected, God did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.

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