Lil Peep Management Team to Face Trial in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Late Artist’s Mother

A court hearing this week saw a Los Angeles judge upholding many of the mother's claims in connection with the 2017 death of the 'Hellboy' artist.

Lil Peep is pictured at a fashion show

Image via Getty/Jacopo Raule

Lil Peep is pictured at a fashion show

A judge has upheld the core claims of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the mother of Lil Peep, who died at the age of 21 from an accidental overdose while on tour in 2017.

In short, as reported by Rolling Stone Wednesday night, Judge Teresa A. Beaudet ruled during a hearing in Los Angeles that Peep’s mother, Liza Womack, had demonstrated “causal connection” between the death of her son and the First Access Entertainment (FAE) management team. Negligence and wrongful death claims against co-manager Bryant “Chase” Ortega, however, have been dismissed.

During the hearing, Judge Beaudet reportedly described Peep’s 2017 tour environment as a “very dangerous situation” and pointed to the absence of Narcan or other potentially life-saving items.

“If you’re going to create an environment like that where drugs are flowing, and you’re providing it, and hey, you actually don’t have any life-saving device or any Narcan to help people who are going to have a problem with these drugs, it seems to me you are creating a very dangerous situation there,” the judge said.

Both FAE and tour manager Belinda Mercer, texts from whom were previously included a 372-page document of evidence that made headlines this month, must now face the suit. Per the latest reports, a trial is expected to begin in March 2023.

Amid a multifaceted legal fight against FAE, Womack has also continued to work as a diligent protector of her son’s legacy, including by way of interacting with fans on social media. In January, for example, Womack publicly thanked fans for sending over letters and cards, saying “Gus would be very, very grateful for them.”

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