Lil Nas X 'Not Mad' at Kevin Hart

Following the controversy surrounding X and Hart's 'The Shop' appearance, X says he's "not mad."


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Lil Nas X says he's "not mad" at Kevin Hart following their recent discourse-inspiring moment on The Shop.

Speaking with Hoodrich Radio in a new interview, X was asked about the incident, which saw him being asked about his decision to come out with an inspiring Pride Month message. As a clip from that Shop moment in question (embedded below for revisiting) showed, Hart—whose history on such topics isn't flattering—interrupted X's answer with comments that were later assessed by many viewers to be dismissive.

"No, I'm not mad at Kevin Hart," X said in the TMZ-excerpted new interview. "A lot of situations like that, I don't try to get into that. I don't try to get into these situations because online I'm just here to be funny and laugh . . . I'm not trying to put nothing in, I'm not trying to say anything, because if you say anything your words get twisted then you have to say something about that and then you have to say something about that. Just on and on. So I don't even try to get into anything, really. But no, I'm not mad at Kevin Hart."

When the hosts tried to make the leap that X not being mad at Hart meant that fans shouldn't be mad either, X was careful to note that his feelings on their interaction shouldn't be used as a gauge for how anyone else should feel about it.

"I'm not saying what anybody should be," he said.

The interview is now available in full:

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