Kodak Black to Be Released From Kentucky Prison in 2022

Kodak will first be transferred from Miami to Oklahoma City.


Image via Getty/Scott Dudelson


Kodak Black has been handed a prison release date.

According to a report from TMZ filed on Thursday, Kodak—who’s currently serving a gun possession sentence—will be released “on or about” Aug. 14, 2022. His release could come a few days prior to that date due to federal policy allowing early release when a determined date hits on a weekend.

For now, per the report, Kodak is being taken from Miami to a federal facility in Oklahoma City before making one last transfer to Kentucky. 

Earlier this month, a statement shared to Kodak's official IG alleged that "a big conspiracy" was afoot at the Miami facility where he was previously held. "They are strategically killing me slowly in here," Kodak said. "I have been humiliated over and over again. I am highly disappointed in the way they have treated not only me, but all the other inmates in this facility."

Earlier this week, Kodak's mother Marlene Simmons held a press conference with attorney Benjamin Crump in which she explained that the family had grown concerned for Kodak's safety. 

"[Simmons] wants to make sure that while he’s in their custody, that he doesn't end up dead, so she is very concerned as well as all of her family that these allegations are to be taken seriously," Crump told reporters. Simmons, Crump added, is now planning to pursue legal action.

"I want to make sure my son is OK," said Simmons.

Kodak Black was sentenced back in November to more than three years in prison after entering a guilty plea on weapons-related charges.

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