Kid Cudi, Pharrell, and Travis Scott Unite for New Track “At the Party”

Kid Cudi's new 'Insano' project is expected to arrive early next year.

kid cudi cover art
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kid cudi cover art

Kid Cudi, Pharrell, and Travis Scott use nightlife’s edge as a soundscape on their new collab track “At the Party.”

We open with what is arguably the most immediate Pharrell hook in recent memory before moving into a first verse from Cudi, who tucks in a mention of his Members of the Rage fashion line and a tribute to Virgil Abloh.

"Bleed 'til I seen, I can achieve what I dream
Full steam on the humble, always think of Virgil"

La Flame handles the second verse, kicking things off with a Vivienne Westwood nod before declaring the invincibility of “the rage” and later closing things out with a mention of his Cacti spiked seltzer

"Lockin' up the heart in a freezer
Gotta keep it cold
Cacti, mix it with tequila
Take it all at once, I'mma have to leave with her"

Hear the Pharrell-produced "At the Party" below and/or listen on your preferred streaming service. Fans will note that Cudi and Pharrell previously collaborated on the 2016 single “Surfin,” while Cudi and Scott were at one point set to roll out an entire collab project under their joint The Scotts moniker.

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Cudi’s Insano project, originally set for release this year, is now expected to arrive in January. The pushback was announced back in September, with Cudi telling fans at the time that he was "sorry for the delay" while reminding them he's "a perfectionist."

Later this month, Cudi is on the live performances lineup for the 2023 edition of ComplexCon. See here for more info.

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