Kevin Abstract on Shia LaBeouf-Guided Group Therapy Sessions: 'It's Taught Me a Lot'

Abstract and LaBeouf have recently become friends, marking what the Brockhampton founding member considers a hugely educational force in his life.


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Founding Brockhampton member Kevin Abstract spoke to playwright Jeremy O. Harris for GQ. The interview hit the web on Monday.

For the Pride 2019 digital cover story, Abstract—whose new album Arizona Baby dropped back in April—talked about the Shia LaBeouf-guided Friday therapy gatherings at his house and looked ahead to an increasingly multi-hyphenate future. He also touched on his Texas "programming," the Creative House, the influence of OutKast's "Hey Ya," and more.


"I became friends with one of my idols and heroes recently, Shia LaBeouf," Abstract said after some candid thoughts on how he's prone to "pushing people out of my life constantly" and his desire to get better at offering support to those around him. "Every Friday at my house, we do this thing called Friday therapy. I invite a bunch of artists from L.A., and we sit in my kitchen. It could be 40 people. One by one, we go in a circle and say what our week looked like. It's taught me a lot."

Many of the issues discussed in these sessions, which recently saw the attendance of YesJulz, are specific to the prevalent practice of moving to L.A. in search of a realized dream. "As corny as it sounds," Abstract said, this chase leads to many people hitting the exact same wall.

"Shia guides the sessions," he said. "He's 10 years older than me, so the advice he has is fucking crazy. He was born in L.A, grew up on TV. He fucked up a lot—the most. It's really healthy to have someone like that in my life." Ultimately, the gatherings simply offer a place for "lonely as fuck" L.A. artists to come together.

"I think we should help each other move forward and not shame them," he said. "It could be someone like that, someone like Shia LaBeouf…random people who just want to talk."


LaBeouf has also had impact on Abstract's plans for the future, which he says will include further development as a filmmaker, including a proper dive into acting.

"I don't know when I'll do that," Abstract said, noting that he's attracted to the idea of becoming a character and then returning to himself. "It's also because I hang out with Shia so much. Shia is a hobbyist in a way where he'll just start rapping. Then he's also an incredible actor, a real performer."

Peep the full interview right here. And for Abstract's most LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner-esque piece yet, revisit his powerful treadmill experiment:

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