Kanye Sued by Ex-Employee He Allegedly Fired After Complaints Over Safety Issues at ‘Dilapidated’ Malibu House

This is far from the first lawsuit against Ye, who's also being sued over alleged Donda Academy conditions.

kanye west at restaurant
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kanye west at restaurant

The artist formerly known as Kanye West has been sued by an ex-employee who says he's owed unpaid wages and damages after being fired in retaliation over safety complaints.

In an emailed statement, attorney Ron Zambrano—who’s representing the former employee, identified as Tony Saxon, in the case—said Ye “flouted the law” while delegating work on his “gutted and dilapidated” beach house in Malibu.

“No employee should have to suffer through the sort of working conditions Mr. Saxon was forced to endure yet Ye showed no concern and merely wanted the work done, despite the hazardous and unsafe, not to mention illegal, actions he was trying to force the plaintiff to undertake,” Zambrano said. “Mr. Saxon refused and was fired merely for trying to do the right thing, and now Ye won’t pay him the money he is owed under the law.”

According to the suit, Saxon was employed by Ye “in or about” September 2021, initially as a project manager who also worked as full-time security and “live-in caretaker” for the property in question. Saxon was also tasked with “construction-related” projects.

While employed by Ye, the plaintiff allegedly slept in “makeshift conditions” and frequently made complaints to Ye regarding what he identified as numerous safety issues regarding the work being done on the house. Ye, who praised Hitler in an interview with Alex Jones last December, is alleged to have ignored these complaints, as well as subsequent complaints from Saxon about being overworked.

In October 2021, Saxon alleges, he injured his back and told Ye he would need time off. This issue was broached again in early November, though Ye allegedly responded by instead inquiring about what was next in the house’s renovation plans.

The breaking point for the plaintiff came when he was allegedly told to remove “the remaining windows and electricity” from the house, which Saxon met with concerns about the dangers of doing so. At this point, Ye allegedly “threatened” Saxon and said he would be “an enemy” to him if he did not perform the duties he was demanding:

On or around November 5, 2021, during a team meeting, Defendant demanded Plaintiff to remove all of the electricity and windows from the house. Plaintiff expressed concerns about the extreme danger of such actions, as the project was not yet completed. Despite Plaintiff’s explanations, Defendant persisted, raising his voice, and insisting on moving large generators inside the house, which could potentially lead to a fire hazard. Defendant threatened Plaintiff, claiming he would be considered an enemy if he did not comply. Faced with such dangerous demands, Plaintiff chose not to put others and himself at risk and was subsequently told by Defendant to 'get the hell out.'

Ahead of the rollout of a press release detailing the lawsuit, Saxon elaborated on the above moment in an interview with Rolling Stone.

“He goes, ‘If you don’t do what I asked you to do, you’re a Clinton. You’re a Kardashian," Saxon told Cheyenne Roundtree. "You’re an enemy and I’m not going to be a friend anymore. I’m not going to provide you with an opportunity anymore. You’re only going to see me on TV."

Specific causes of action alleged in the lawsuit include disability discrimination, inaccurate wage statements, unpaid reimbursements, withholding of wages, and more. Per his attorney, Saxon alleges he is owed more than $1 million in unpaid wages of earnings losses.

This isn't the first lawsuit against Ye in recent months. As previously reported, he's also being sued in connection with alleged conditions at his Donda Academy.

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