Kanye West Raps About Parents Teaching Kids 'White Dominance' in New Song Preview

...while wearing a MAGA hat.

TMZ overlord Harvey Levin apparently got the inside scoop on the new music Kanye West is finishing up whilst publicly sucking up to the neo-Nazi-sympathizer-in-chief.

Thursday, TMZ—using a headline that directly references a recent Kim Kardashiantweet—shared a clip of West teasing a new track. The untitled track sees West discussing "lituations" and parents who "teach white dominance," which is notably confounding given his recent pro-Trump streak.

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According to the accompanying write-up, West and Levin chilled for two hours, during which West "played around 10 songs." West's new solo album will reportedly not be marketed exclusively on any streaming platform, with West instead going for a wide release. As for the other albums West recently announced, they will all reportedly run seven tracks in length. West also apparently told Levin he's "serious" about trying to become POTUS. 

Simply because I'm growing weary of rehashing the West-related events of this past week, I'm going to skip all that and talk about Pusha T instead. Push's long-overdue King Push is one of several G.O.O.D. albums dropping in the coming weeks, with National Pusha T Day set for May 25. As Push recently confirmed, the album will indeed include plenty of classic Pusha-isms:

Indeed i am... https://t.co/SBi7EvsG0E

— King Push (@PUSHA_T) April 19, 2018

Speaking of things I love, here's a proposed West coverage method I fully endorse:

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