Kanye West and Joel Osteen Criticized for 'Walk on Water' Stunt

Kanye West and Joel Osteen got their God on down in Georgia, with Kim Kardashian capturing footage of what many have deemed "blasphemous."


Image via Getty/Robin Marchant


Kanye West and Joel "Miracles in Your Mouth" Osteen are back at it with their increasingly complementary brands of self-deification.

Over the weekend, the two were spotted—thanks in large part to some footage shared by Kim Kardashian—engaging in some sort of God thing involving the illusion of walking on water at a lake near Pinewood Studios. As TMZ explained in their take on this performance, Osteen gave a water-based sermon. The illusion bit, of course, references what bible readers will recall is a purported Jesus miracle spoken of in the New Testament.

This doesn't mark the first time West and Osteen have teamed up in the name of religious posturing. Usually, however, the laughable theatrics are a bit more subtle.

For those who quite literally believe that a Mr. Christ actually walked on water and/or did any of the other stuff he's alleged to have done in biblical text, a display like this one from West and Osteen isn't exactly met with applause. In fact, some consider such a display to be of the utmost offensiveness and criticized them accordingly:

Not that any of this deserves any more attention than it's already getting, but West's other recent God-related activities include blaming a higher power for his 2009 Taylor Swift interruption incident.

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