Kanye West Again Attempts to Demonize Abortion, Says He Is 'Quite Alright'

Constant coverage of Kanye West's every waking thought and/or tweet is likely doing none of us any good, especially now, but the discourse continues.


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Though it does no one any good at all to continue amplifying such things, this will be yet another report on recent tweets from Kanye West.

Early Friday, West told the general public he is "quite alright" while speaking on what he referred to as "a tactic of 4 D's." Those D's, he said, include "distract, discredit, dismiss, and destroy." As some might recognize, these comments draw parallels to a so-called "4D approach" that's mentioned across multiple areas of interest, including in this "Anatomy of an Info-War" piece circa 2015.

These comments were preceded minutes earlier by West again doubling down on the amplification of wildly dangerous (and notably anti-science) rhetoric on abortion, a topic which—despite pleas from Planned Parenthood and other advocacy groups—he has addressed multiple times in recent weeks. Specifically, his comments only further embolden those who falsely compare abortion to murder using vague and hollow religious reasoning, thus (potentially) giving younger male fans a wholly warped view on women's rights. 

This year has seen fans and writers alike grappling with how, exactly, to engage in a discourse on these developments that doesn't position mental health concerns as a means of exoneration for an artist's harmful actions. Furthermore, it's crucial to not chalk up all of an artist's harmful actions to those same mental health concerns, as doing so only increases the stigma surrounding them.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, and/or if this recent news cycle has become triggering, help is available.

For info on the myths and facts about bipolar disorder, of which there is more than one type despite many using the term as a catch-all, click here.

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