JPEGMAFIA Links Up With Kanye West for Some 'Hot Girl Sh*t' After Calling Ye Out for Ignoring His Studio Talents

It's unclear what, exactly, Ye and JPEG could be cooking up. Both artists, however, have new projects expected to be released soon.

jpeg and ye are pictured
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jpeg and ye are pictured

To quote an editor of mine, complaining works.

Friday, JPEGMAFIA shared simultaneous Twitter and Instagram updates showing that he had linked up with the artist formerly known as Kanye West. Notably, the meeting comes days after JPEG publicly questioned why Ye was ignoring his studio talents in favor of artists “who have less to offer u than me.” As JPEG said in a tweet shared earlier this month, he himself is “a scientist in the lab, a surgeon.” 

JPEGMAFIA making some wild statements about Kanye West & Freddie Gibbs💀

— Wost🐰 (@mosthiphop) January 14, 2024
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At the time, JPEG also spoke more about how he viewed Ye’s current creative process (“U got 27 n****s tweaking hi hats just to make some mid”) and mocked Freddie Gibbs, who recently received attention for his verse on the still-not-released Vultures project from Ye and Ty Dolla Sign. He also called Ye his "idol," though he pointed out that he didn't "give a fuck" about his current work.

“Im sorry for my rant about kanye earlier i just wanted to work with my idol,” JPEG later said. “Truthfully i dont give a fuck about nothing kanye got going on at this point i just wanted to get paid. But its ok im not a rapist or some weirdo incel n***a so i get why he wouldnt wanna work with me. im kool with that.”

twitter screenshot
twitter screenshot
twitter screenshot

Fast forward a few days, and Ye and JPEGMAFIA appear to have something in the works. Presumably, Ye's Vultures project is still on the horizon, while JPEG has previously confirmed that he has a new album on the way.

"[C]an't talk right now," JPEG said on Instagram on Friday. "[D]oing hot girl shit."

twitter screenshot of jpegamafia with ye
ye and jpegmafia in a photo

In the photos shared Friday, Ye is seen wearing a t-shirt from Norwegian black metal act Burzum. Specifically, the shirt shows the cover for the one-person project's Anthology collection. In 1994, Burzum founder Varg Vikernes, described in the press as a neo-Nazi and “far-right activist,” was convicted of murder and found guilty of several church arsons. He was released after 16 years behind bars, then later charged with inciting racial hatred. Observers have been quick to point out that the Vultures album cover closely resembles Burzum art.

JPEGMAFIA's 2014 track "ALL CAPS NO SPACES" sees mentions of both Burzum and Varg, like so:

"Heard you like Pantera
Bitch, not me!
Heard you like Burzum
Bitch, not me!
Heard you bumping Rolling Stones
Pussy n***a, please!
You play that shit around me
I'mma put your ass to sleep
You fucking fascist creep
I'm neo-Nazi chic
Got guns under arms and I'm aiming at elites
I heard you fucking metalheads looking for some beats
I wish Varg would come to B'more, we gon' see"

Varg is also among those dissed on the Veteran cut “I Cannot Fucking Wait Til Morrissey Dies.”

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