Jeannie Mai Cites 'Significant Financial Penalty' for Alleged Infidelity in Jeezy Divorce Docs

News of the couple's divorce first broke in September.

jeezy and Jeannie Mai at an event red carpet
Image via Getty/Aaron J. Thornton / WireImage
jeezy and Jeannie Mai at an event red carpet

Jeannie Mai is strongly suggesting Jeezy engaged in infidelity during their marriage in newly reported court documents.

Per a report from TMZ, citing said docs, Mai’s lawyer has argued that she “reserves the right to amend this counterclaim to add other grounds for divorce.” Going on, it’s noted in the docs that the wife in the recently ended marriage, Mai, “does not wish to specify” exactly what type of conduct to which she’s referring. 

However, the TMZ report links this excerpt with another noteworthy passage in the recently acquired court docs, namely one in which Mai’s lawyer tells the court to enforce a part of her and Jeezy’s prenuptial agreement in which, at least according to the latest Mai docs, any act deemed to be an example of infidelity will result in the person engaging in the behavior to be hit with “a significant financial penalty.”

What’s defined as an act of infidelity in the prenup includes both “sexual” and “emotional” relationships, as well as any instance of being “sexually suggestive” through texting, sexting, FaceTime, and social media.

News of the divorce first hit headlines back in September, with word that Jeezy had filed the relevant legal papers in Georgia. Amid the ensuing coverage, it was pointed out that the former couple, who wed in 2021, did indeed have a prenup in place.

Infidelity speculation has been a hot topic in the divorce proceedings from the beginning, as is often the case in such matters. The discussion landed some timely virality in November thanks to a viral clip from Jeezy's interview with Nia Long.

 "I want to be honorable and just... Anybody that's real—and when I say real, I mean real with yourself—there's a sense of integrity there," Jeezy said in the interview. "My life is built on integrity. That's my moral compass. If I'm not integral, I'm off."

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