Jaden Smith Teases 'Sunset Tapes' Project With New Song "GOKU"

Jaden Smith is dropping a new project one year after 'SYRE.'

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Overnight, Jaden Smith hit fans with a double batch of good great news.

In addition to dropping off his new cut "GOKU," produced by Omarr Rambert and Lexoskeleton, Smith announced that next month will bring the arrival of new project The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. Astute fans will note the release date will mark exactly one year since SYRE dropped.

Smith has recently been in the studio with tourmate Young Thug, though it's unclear if those sessions were for the previously announced ERYS, the newly announced Sunset Tapes, or if those titles can possibly be used interchangeably. "[Young Thug is] such an individual and he just pushes boundaries and that's why I always knew that we were destined to do something together," Smith told Zane Lowe when premiering his Skate Kitchen soundtrack cut "Back on My Shit" last month. "I feel like we kind of saw each other from afar through the internet and I knew that we had a lot in common. I feel like we have a lot of common in the studio too."

Smith opened up to Complex last year about how, exactly, he knows when a piece of art is ready for the public. For Smith, it's all about signs. "Signs that I've gotten—lucky numbers, specific times," he said when addressing the wait for SYRE. "Also because I've had it for three years, and like you were saying, art's never truly finished, it's just abandoned. I also feel like, how is art really art if no one ever sees it or hears it? I want to let it out into the world so people can judge it, say 'Hey, I like it' or 'I don't like it,' because that's the only way we're gonna move forward." 

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